Clear Short Lincoln Drape Table Lamp w/ 14″ White Pleated Shade

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Now Features the new MaxBrite 500 Series Burner!

The Aladdin Short Lincoln Drape pattern was first introduced in 1939, and since that time has become one of the most popular oil lamps of all time. It’s simple and timeless pattern pays homage to oil lamps made in the Civil War period, and is attractive in any setting. The white pleated shade is a nice finishing touch, and helps cast a mellow light with no glare. An optional electric converter allows switching from oil to electric use and back with ease.

■ Clear Glass Fount
■ Height: 24″
■ Fount Diameter: 6″
■ Approximate Output: 50 C.P.
■ Burns 9 hrs per filling
■ Wick Cleaner Included
■ Imported
■ Satisfaction Guaranteed!

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Brass, Nickel Plated Brass


High Altitude Chimney for 4000'+ Elev. (15.5" tall), Standard Chimney (12.5" tall)


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