Dietz #10 Monarch Hot Blast Lantern

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•First Introduced in 1900
•13 1/2″ Height
•Average 5 C.P. •5/8″ Wick
•17 oz. Capacity
•23 Hour Burn Time

Globe Color *

Hooded Reflectors

None Galvanized Hooded Reflector +$45.00 Black painted Galvanized Hooded Reflector +$50.00 Solid Brass Hooded Reflector - Polished and Lacquered +$65.00

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The Dietz Monarch was first introduced in 1900, and is the only Hot Blast lantern still manufactured by Dietz. The current #10 Monarch is based on the 1915-1916 pattern, and represents all the advancements of it’s day, including a locking globe lift and wing-lock burner, and is ideal for use indoors. The Hot Blast principle was invented by John Henry Irwin, and first introduced by R.E. Dietz in 1868.


  • 13 1/2″ Height, 6″ Base Diameter
  • Average 5 Candle Power, 5/8″ Wick
  • 17 oz. Fount Capacity, 23 Hour Burning Time
  • Apprx. Thermal Output: 900 BTU per Hour
  • Operates on Average at 4 to 7 Cents per hour worth of fuel, (at $7 to $11 per gallon.)
  • Packed One Dozen per Case (Also Sold Individually)
  • Made in China on the original American Tooling
  • Wicked and ready to add oil

Additional information

Weight 2.5 lbs
Dimensions 14 × 7 × 7 in

Black with Brass Trim, Black with Plain Trim, Blue with Plain Trim, Green with Brass Trim

2 reviews for Dietz #10 Monarch Hot Blast Lantern

  1. Martin Empringham (verified owner)

    Great lantern! This is my third purchase from W.T. Kirkman and they don’t disappoint. Shipment was very quick and packed extremely well to ensure safety in transit. I filled the fount and a few hours later when the sun began to set I fired up it up. It gives off a good amount of light for a 5/8″ wick. There was enough light that I could read by it. The lantern is very lightweight, but sturdy. I know I am going to enjoy this lantern for years to come.

  2. Richard Keistler (verified owner)

    What a beauty! I own several lanterns of different brands, but this is the first I’ve owned with a tall globe. I ordered mine in black and brass and it’s quite elegant looking with its brass-colored tank cap. I really just bought this lantern out of curiosity, as I’d never owned a ‘hot blast’ before. I was rather surprise that to me, the flame and its color didn’t really look all that different to my Kirkman Little Giant’s or my baby Feuerhand. It may be just me, but it seems to burn less oil than the equivalent sizes I have in ‘cold blast’. I like to have one of these lanterns burning in my den, as I find the flame relaxing, and a heck of a lot safer than candles. So why buy one of these from Kirkman? ‘Cause I know if there’s any problem, they’ll make it good. My Monarch arrived beautifully packed and padded without a scratch, and without any sign of leakage over a bunch of hours of testing. I also like the way that the globe lifts way, way up to get to the burner and wick, certainly higher than my Feuerhand, which can be a toughie. I might also say that I bought one of the CD-ROM’s with an old Dietz catalogue on it, and have enjoyed it enormously. So many models!

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