W.T.Kirkman Lanterns is Proud to Build America's Highest Quality Table Lamps

The Parlor Lamp "Nouveau" is a Grandiose Art Nouveau Style Lamp first designed by the Bradley & Hubbard Company of Meriden, Connecticut.  Known for their Quality, These Lamps, like the originals, are built to last more than a lifetime.  Built of 22 Gauge Brass Construction, Metal Spun in Los Angeles with Assembly and Polishing in our Factory in Ramona, California, This is a Lamp Built to stand the Test of Time.  Every Lamp is built to Order and minute details taken into consideration.

The Table Lamp "Julian" is a Lovely 1890s Victorian Era Lamp, Originally Sold by Plume and Atwood of Waterbury, Connecticut.  This lamp is the smallest of the three lamps shown here at 10 Inches to top of Burner, not including the Chimney. Built of 22 Gauge Brass Construction as well, Metal Spun in Los Angeles with Assembly and Polishing in our Factory in Ramona, California.  This Lamp is a Makes for a Very Nice Gift.

The Table Lamp "Ramona" is a Replica of a Dietz Lamp called the "Millennium."  This Lamp has a tall Stature at 13" tall without a Chimney.  This Lamp, like the others, is Spun in Los Angeles in Los Angeles with Assembly and Polishing in our Factory in Ramona, California.  This is one of our Most Popular Table Lamps in Production.

Burner & Shade Options

The "Nouveau" is available with one burner, the Aladdin #500 Burner.  If you don't know about Aladdin Lamps, they are specially designed burners that have Mantles like Coleman lanterns and burn non-pressurized fuel and give off roughly 50 Watts worth of light.   This Lamp can be ordered with a shade holder for 10" Shades, and those different shades can be seen Here.

Aladdin Burner
Aladdin Burner
Aladdin Burner with Shade Holder
Aladdin Burner with Shade Holder

The "Ramona" is available with 3 different burners.  The Lamp can be built with an Aladdin #500, a Den Haan Rotterdam #20 Matador Burner, or a Plume & Atwood #3 Hinge Burner.

The Aladdin #500 is the current generation of Mantle Burners of the famous brand going back over 100 years.  The Lamp is like a Coleman in that it has a mantle that incandesces when heated by the blue flame.  Aladdin Burners do not work on Pressure and are much safer to use indoors.  This burner style can be ordered with a 10" shade holder, and an accompanying shade can be purchased Here.

The Den Haan Rotterdam #20 Matador Burner is perhaps the finest burner on the market today, featuring a #30 Vulcan wick, matador flame spreader, and matador chimney.  It is the brightest non-mantle lamp burner made.  The intense flame can be bright enough to require a shade.

The Plume & Atwood #3 hinged burners have have been out of production for over 60 years.  These burners are found "in the wild" in new-old-stock condition, or restored and polished for operation.  These are American Made and use a lip style chimney that is locked into place with a single screw and can tip back to allow access to the wick for lighting or trimming.

The "Julian" Table Lamp is Available with 3 different burners.  Queen Anne #2 or Kosmos #12 and #14 Burners.

The Queen Anne #2 is arguably the most common lamp burner ever made, with a 7/8" wick this is a true hallmark of America Lamps.  It is the most simple and effective burner out there.

Kosmos #12 and #14 Burners are made by French Manufacturer Guadard.  These are great burners for starters that are looking for Ample Light. These burners are more efficient in that they have a center air way that helps feed air to the flame.  With a matching kosmos chimney, the flame is drawn up tall and produces quite a bit of light.

Kosmos #14 Burner
Kosmos #14 Burner

Metal Finishes

These Solid Brass Lamps can be ordered in Polished Brass, Brass Patina, or Nickel Plated Brass.