All Lamp Makers by Name

The Following is a List of all Oil & Gas Lamp Makers we know about by Name.  Businesses may be listed multiple times if they changed names.  Check notes for the continuation of business name.

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The list is in the order of when I added the names, instead it is easier for the end user to either search for a name, or sorta alphabetically using the button to the right of "Maker's Name."

IGNORE (Divider for Personal Organization) General Lantern Makers
Buhl Stamping Co. (Detroit, Mich.)
C.T. Ham. Manufacturing Company
Ed Miller & Company
Embury Manufacturing Company
John A. Hurley Inc. (Bridgeport, CT) {Hurwood Aladdin}
Kelly Lamp Company (Rochester, NY)
Loeffelholz & Company (Milwaukee, Wis.)
Nail City Lantern and Stamping
Post & Company (Cincinnati, O.)
R.E. Dietz Company
Sherburne Brass Company (Boston, Mass.)
Star Brass Lamp Company (Boston, Mass.)
Steam Gauge and Lantern Company (Syracuse, NY)
Wheeling Stamping Company
Winfield Manufacturing Company (Warren, O.)
Wheeler Reflector and Light Company (Philadelphia, PA.)
IGNORE (divider for Personal Organization) S.F. Railroad Wall Lamp Companies
Wild & Spear (San Francisco, CA)
Nathan Dohrmann & Company (San Francisco, CA)
Ueland Bros (San Francisco, CA)
IGNORE (divider for Personal Organization) Sourced from Book "How to make money out of inventions"
The Albo Carbon Light Company
James W. Lyon (Unknown) N.Y.C.N.Y.
E. P. Gleason Manufacturing Company
The Sun Vapor Street Light Company
Chas. Gefrorer (Philadelphia Distributor?)
Henry Schrader (Philadelphia Distributor?)
The Siemens Lungren Co
E. Boesch & Company (San Francisco, CA.)
A. S. Graf & Company (*Graff?)
Bradley & Hubbard Manufacturing Company
The Chas. Parker Company
Meriden Britannia Company (Meriden, CT)
Benedict & Burnham Manufacturing Company (Waterbury, CT)
Homes, Booth & Haydens (Waterbury, CT)
Plume & Atwood Manufacturing Company
Breach Loading Lantern Company (Washington D.C.)
The George Bohner Company (Chicago, Ill.)
Cass Lamp Works (Chicago, Ill.)
Climax Manufacturing Company (Chicago)
Chris. Edwards Oil Burner & Manufacturing Company (Chiacgo, Ill.)
Chicago Gas Lamp Illuminating Company (Chicago, Ill.)
Globe Light and Heat Company (Chicago, Ill.)
Railroad Signal Lamp and Lantern Company (Office? Chicago, Ill.)
Western Wheeler Reflector Company (Chicago, Ill.)
IGNORE (divider for Personal Organization)
The Alliance Manufacturing Company (Toronto, Ontario, Canada)
Burn Lantern Company (Hamilton, Ontario, Canada)
Burn & Robinson Manufacturing Company (Hamilton, Ontario, Canada)
Dominion Tubular Lamp Company (Montreal, Québec, Canada)
E.T. Wright & Company (Hamilton, Ontario, Canada)
J.H. Stone & Company (Hamilton, Ontario, Canada)
J.M. Williams & Company
Ontario Lantern Company (Hamilton, Ontario, Canada)
Ontario Lantern & Lamp Company (Hamilton, Ontario, Canada)
The Schultz Manufacturing Company (Hamilton, Ontario, Canada)
W.W. Chown & Comapny
C.F. Smith Company Ltd.
IGNORE (divider for Personal Organization)
Sun Vapor Street Light Company (Indianapolis, Ind.)
American Health Supply Company (Boston, Mass.)
Boston Lamp Company (Boston, Mass.)
Craighead and Kintz Manufacturing Company (Boston, Mass.)
Sun Vapor Street Light Company (Minneapolis, Minn.)
Franklin Gas Lamp Company (St. Louis, Mo.)
Kraushaar Lamp and Reflector Company (St. Louis, Mo.)
F. Meyrose & Company (St. Louis, Mo.)
St. Louis Lantern Company (St. Louis, Mo.) (St. Louis. Railway Supply Company?)
New Jersey Lamp and Bronze Works (New Brunswick, N.J.)
N. Y. Kerosene Gas Light Company (Brooklyn, N.Y.)
H. S. Almy & Company (New York City)
Am. Belgian Lamp Company (New York City)
Angle Lamp Company (New York City)
Ausonia Brass and Copper Company (New York City)
Bartlett Street Lamp Manufacturing Company (New York City)
Clawsen & Hoffmeyer (New York City)
E. P. Gleason Manufacturing Company (New York City) (Office?)
B. Goetz Manufacturing Company (New York City)
Hinrichs & Company (New York City)
Kruse & Baron (New York City)
Manhattan Brass Company (New York City)
The Mitchell & Vance Company (New York City)
Rochester Lamp Company (Rochester, New York)
Ed. Rorke & Company (New York City)
L. Straus & Sons (New York City)
The U. S. Wenham Patent Gas Lamp Company (New York City)
The U. S. Supply Company (New York City) (Distributor?)
Rochester Lantern Company (Rochester, NY)
Hitchcock Lamp-Company (Watertown, NY)
The Alba Lamp Company (Cincinnati, O,)
The Clipper Manufacturing Company (Cincinnati, O.)
The McHenry Company (Cincinnati, O.)
Queen City Lamp Company (Cincinnati, O.)
Lamp and Brass Works (Cleveland, O)
W. J. Gordon (Cleveland, O)
The Standard Lighting Co (Cleveland, O)
Star Oil Burner Company (Cleveland, O.)
Columbus Lantern Works (Columbus, O.)
Pittsburg Brass Company (Alleghany, PA.)
American Reflector Company (Philadelphia, PA.)
Mascot Manufacturing Company (Philadelphia, PA.)
C. H. Pascoe & Company (Philadelphia, PA.)
The Siemens Lungren Company (Philadelphia, PA.)
Standard Gas Lamp Company (Philadelphia, PA.)
The Pennsylvania Globe Gas Light Company (Philadelphia, PA.)
The Neumann Company (Philadelphia, PA.)
Wilhelm & Company (Philadelphia, PA.)
S. Morrow & Company (Pittsburg, PA.)
IGNORE (Divider for Personal Organization) Sourced Names from
Atterbury & Company (Pittsburgh, PA)
Hale, Atterbury & Company (Pittsburgh, PA)
Atterbury, Reddick & Company (Pittsburgh, PA)
The Bridgeport Brass Company
The Cleveland Non-Explosive Lamp Company
Dithridge & Company
The Fletcher Manufacturing Company
Macbeth-Evans Glass Company
The Magic Introduction Company
The Matthews & Willard Manufacturing Company
The Pittsburgh Lamp, Brass & Glass Company
Holmes, Booth and Atwood
The Rochester Kerosene Burner Company
The Scovill Manufacturing Co.
The Suffolk Glass Works
Wallace & Sons
Alta Manufacturing Company (Boston, Mass.)
J. T. Butler (Boston, Mass) (Also known as Williams & Butler)
Peter Gray Manufacturing (Boston, Mass.)
Edward J. Dewey Company
Chicago Manufacturing Company
National Wire and Lantern Works (63 Fulton St., New York.)
Taylor Manufacturing Company (New Britain, Conn.)
Buffalo Steam Gauge & Lantern Company
W.T.Kirkman Lanterns Inc. (Modern)
Vermont Lanterns (Modern)
Danforth Pewter (Modern)
J.B.Bokanoski Lantern Makers (Modern)
Gray and Davis (Amesbury, MA)
National Marine Lamp Company (Forestville, Ct)
Universal Metal Spinning & Stamping Company (New York) Also known as National M.S.&.S.Co.
Wilcox and Crittendon (Middletown, Ct)
Perkins Marine Lamp Corporation
Willard H. Smith (352 Pearl ST New York)
T.L.Moore (San Antonio, Tx.)
American Glass Company
American Railway Supply Company
American Safety Lantern Company
Armspear Manufacturing Company
Baron & Brother
Baron Manufacturing Company
Bellaire Stamping Company
Berger Manufacturing Company
Boston & Sandwich Glass Company
Bristol Brass & Clock Company
Buckeye Lantern Company
Cash & Baron
Clark & Kintz
Dennis & Wheeler
Dietz & Smith (Quickly rolled into R.E.Dietz & Company
Dressel Railway Lamp Works
Eureka Lantern Works
Ewing & Bill Lantern Company
E.F. Parker
Excelsior Lantern & Oil Company
D.D.Miller Company (New York City)
F.H. Lovell & Company
Fire Extinguisher Company
F.O. Dewey Company
S.S. Clark
Meriden Malleable Works
Follett Lantern & Manufacturing Company
George W. Brown
Glens Falls Lantern Company
H.A.J. Helvig
Ham & Clarke
Handlan-Buck Manufacturing Company
Henry C. Hart Mfg. Co.
Hermance Safety Company
Howard & Morse
Hurwood Manufacturing Co. (Earlier John A. Hurley Inc)
Hurricane Lamp Company
Ills Manufacturing
J. Fleming
Keystone Lantern Company
Loeffelhoelz & Prier
Lovell-Dressel Company
McClary Manufacturing
M.M. Buck & Company
New England Glass Company
Pritchard - Strong Company (Prisco)
Rayo (Maker of anything?)
Romer & Company
Ross Carriage
Star Headlight Company
Stillman Safety Lamp & Heater Company
Walton Bros. {Brothers}
Warren Stamping
Wellington Manufacturing Company
Wheeler & Bayless
Westlake's Patented (Maker or just Stand-in Name?)
William Vogel & Brothers
William Porter's Sons
Underhill & Osborne
Fenton Glass
Mosser Glass (Modern)
Baron & Houchin Manufacturing
Consolidated Lamp & Glass Company
R. Hollings & Co. (Boston, Mass.)
M. B. Dyott
Starr, Fellows & Company
Julius Ives
Belair Stamping
Ohio Lantern Company