Gaudard-Kosmos Oil Lamps

In 1869, Auguste Gaudard set up his first die stamping shop in the Jura region of France. In 1902, a modern factory was established in Morbier, France with 30 draw presses that were purchased in Brooklyn, New York, and Auguste began production of his first oil lamps. Since then, the factory has been in continuous operation under five generations of the Gaudard family. Today, the Gaudard Factory produces some of the finest oil lamps and burners made using modern machinery with only the best raw materials and strict quality control at every stage of the process. The finishing touches are still done by craftsmen just as was done over 100 years ago. Our stunning selection of Gaudard lamps will compliment any decor and will give any space a warm and cozy glow and are perfect for creating a romantic mood. Whether used for their soothing affect, or as an emergency backup or alternative to electric lights, a Kosmos Lamp is easy to operate, and is safe to use with standard lamp oil, kerosene, or synthetic kerosene.

Kosmos and Matador Lamps & Parts