Adams & Westlake #190 Solid Brass Hat/Baggage Rack

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This measurement is critical for your project, and is the center on center (C.O.C.) of the brackets of the baggage rack regardless of the number of brackets. A 2 Bracket on 24″ C.O.C will be about 26″ Long over all. A 3 Bracket on 32″ C.O.C. will be about 66″ Long over all.

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We produce these replica Hat/Baggage Racks using original catalog drawings as well as an original rack for recasting the decorative brackets.  The cross-braces are made of solid 1/4″ Brass Bar, and we have replicated the nut hardware to match the originals exactly.  These baggage racks have already been fitted into two Passenger Cars with Spectacular Results.  These racks were also paired with a solid brass variation of our #2525 Caboose Lamps.

Baggage Racks are sold by the length of the legs on center which are usually centered on the columns between windows.

Shipping is based on dimension of Baggage Rack ordered and Quantity Ordered.

Please Contact us over the phone to place the order, to quote the shipping cost, and for a quantity discount. 


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Weight 35 lbs
Dimensions 48 × 15 × 15 in


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