Dayton Manufacturing Company Clerestory Pattern #7


W.T.Kirkman Lanterns is Proud to offer Authentic Replica Clerestory Glass Patterns for Passenger Cars!

Using original catalogs from multiple Railroad Hardware Companies like Adams and Westlake, Dayton Manufacturing Company, Post And Company, as well as others, we now offer an etching service to make your restoration historically accurate.

Purchasing this product is for the etching service only.  We can etch glass panes up to 24″ by 18″, that is the size of our laser etching machine.  This product is the service of etching the glass, and we will require glass to be sent to us for this etching service.  We have etched safety glass and single pane glass, both work on our machine.  Our artworks can be digitally modified if desired.  These artworks have an aspect ratio, so check the dimensions below to check that this will work for your job.  If you have any questions, call our shop at 1-877-985-5267 and ask for “Madison” our Laser Etching Technician.

Glass Dimensions dimensions for this etching are 24″ by 8″ tall.  Glass with a ratio of 24:8 will work with this artwork. Do keep in mind the dimension of the glass is different from what is visible when installed.  Please clarify when ordering.

The cost of $20 is per piece of glass etched.  Set up fee is $25, There is no set up fee when 10 or more pieces are ordered.

We are also capable of making new artworks for your job, the only additional cost is the creation and set up for a new artwork.

Please Call in to Order this service, There are many aspects of this work that need to be discussed before purchase.


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