Lantern for Indiana Jones, “The Crystal Skull”

$500.00 USD


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What a surprise to see where the above lantern turned up when we went to see the latest Indiana Jones movie. Actually, there were five of these that we hand made to a very specific order about a year ago for Genre Productions, a prop company that was working on a “secret” movie project. The name of the movie they were to be used in was never revealed to us, not even a working title. “The lantern” is used and seen for about 5 minutes in the first half of the movie when Dr. Jones is “visiting” an ancient cemetery. The lanterns were built with specially cut “vent” holes to cast light back onto whoever was holding the lantern. The prop company used an ultra high powered, and very hot lamp as a light source, so the lanterns were made with welded and riveted construction so that they would hold up to the heat. Although these were not based on any specific lantern model of the past, they certainly “looked” the part.

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