McKeen Motor Car Catalog Digital Download

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This Digital Download includes High Res. Scans (600DPI) of an original McKeen Motor Car Catalog from 1912 or so.  A total of 44 Pages were scanned,  Pages Numbered 19 through 26 are missing, that is 8 sides, from two of the inner most pages.  As a result of missing pages, only 2 motor car layout diagrams are present, as well as 2 trailer car drawings.  1 Motor Car and 1 Trailer diagram are designed never put into production.  All pages have been scanned and provided herein.


This is 1 of a few catalogs I know of to exist, and a digital scan has not been offered anywhere I have seen of this catalog.


You have 7 days to download the file.  Contact if you have any issues.


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