Stainless Steel Reflector For Feuerhand #276 Lantern

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This stainless steel reflector will fit the Feuerhand #275 and #276 Baby Special, the BAT #158 and #159, as well as the Dietz #76 Original lanterns.   It is also compatible with many replicas from the Far East, (Check the dimensions from the drawing.)
– Wasted light is reflected downwards, thus improving the illumination.
– Serves as a glare protection. When the hurricane lantern is on the table, it is less dazzling.
– Offers protection from the weather, rain, and snow.
– Stylish addition to the hurricane lantern that enhances its appearance, gives it a “grown-up” look.
– Satin Black Reflector only painted on top surface to leave bottom surface reflective.
Due to the hand-made manufacturing process as well as being cut out with a laser cutter,  there may be slight scratches or burn marks. Despite the greatest caution in production, this cannot be completely avoided.
The hurricane lantern is not included, the photos are for illustration.
■ 8″ Diameter
■ Stainless Steel Construction
■ Made in Germany

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Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 2 × 8 × 8 in


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