Vintage Red UnMarked (Fitzall Size) Globe

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Fits: Dietz Acme Inspector and Trackwalker, #30 Beacon, #10 Monarch, #70 Crescent, #80 (#2) Blizzard, #0 Hy-Lo, #0 Victor, King Fire Department, V&O #80 Supreme, and W.T. Kirkman #2 Champion. Also fits Chalwyn Pilot Lanterns. (Replaces the Embury No. 20 Globe for No. 0 Air Pilot Lanterns, and #2 Camlox, Windsor and Supreme lanterns) Also fits Paull’s Leader, E.T. Wright, Prisco, and Rayo tall globe lanterns. Also fits the Kaluworks #999 Mombasa Kenya Lantern, and the WFS No. 129 Lanterns.

Vintage globes, when offered, are American Made new-old-stock often from the 1940’s and 1950’s, and have raised lettering.

■ Height: 6 3/4″
■ Top: 2 13/16″
■ Bottom: 3 7/16″

PLEASE NOTE: We can not guarantee any consistency or quality in antique glass which is susceptible, but not limited to:  Imperfections;  Small flaws;  Scratches;  Chips;  Flea bites;  etc..  We have a standard for our antique glass and will not send you something extremely flawed.

PLEASE ALSO NOTE:  Vintage Red Glass, (and other colors and clear,) is often susceptible to a chemical imbalance in the glass that appears as “Glass Cancer,” also known as “Crizzling” or “Glass Disease.”  Glass may already show signs of glass cancer when purchased, and we advise you not operate a lantern with this globe as you do run the risk of the issue getting worse.  There are many articles on Glass Disease, but simply put, crystals on the surface will flake off and make the surface of the glass rough to the touch.  The globe may not appear to have this issue, but heat may reveal the issue further.  Again, We Advise Not to use Antique Globes with a Flame.

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Weight .5 lbs
Dimensions 4.25 × 4.25 × 7 in


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