DHR #8877 Brass Pantry Lamp

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This beautiful pantry lamp mounts to a wall or bulkhead with a mounting bracket finished with a black stove enamel coating. Features a #14 Kosmos burner, and a polished and lacquered solid brass finish to ensure a long lasting shine. Den Haan Rotterdam was founded in Rotterdam, Holland, in 1922, and began as a manufacturer of navigation and interior lighting for inland and seagoing vessels. All lamps, many of them replicas of old models, are handmade to commercial ship standards.

■ Dimensions: 8 5/8″ (144mm) x 10 1/4″ (260mm)
■ Oil container capacity: 8.5 oz (.25 L.)
■ #14 Kosmos Burner
■ Burn time: +/- 20 hours
■ Two year limited warranty

Additional information

Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 9 × 9 × 11 in


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