Den Hann Rotterdam Marine Lamps & Lanterns

Brief History

When the Den Haan Rotterdam company was founded in 1922, it manufactured products solely for the shipping industry. Into the 1960’s the demand for marine oil lamps grew, and the range of models increased to meet the demand. Almost all of the oil lamps in the DHR line have a nautical history and have been used on ships all over the world for both navigation and general lighting purposes. DHR has kept tinsmithing craftsmanship alive in Holland for nearly 100 years by investing in modernization, but it is a combination of the knowledge of our craftsmen and our machinery that makes DHR lamps the highest in quality. In modern times, DHR oil lamps are still used as reliable emergency lights when all power is down, but mainly they are used for thematic and decorative purposes, as they produce a nice warm light and create a relaxing atmosphere.

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