MAXbrite® 500 Burner w/ Heel-less Gallery

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The New Aladdin® MAXbrite® Model 500 burner was introduced in August/September 2015. The Aladdin® side draft burner is a time-tested burner design that is over 80 years old. The burner design changes have been incremental since the Model 21 was introduced in 1953.

The Aladdin® MAXbrite® Model 500 is a refinement of the Aladdin® Model 23 side draft burner. The goal was to maximize light output by eliminating random air leaks. The MAXbrite® Model 500 burner eliminates those leaks which caused spikes that kept mantles from being used at full brightness.

The Aladdin® MAXbrite® Model 500 burner is matched with a new redesigned MAXbrite® chimney which modifies the airflow around the chimney base to further increase the mantle’s light output.

The components of the Aladdin® MAXbrite® burner are manufactured at a new factory in China, with the final assembly and quality control in the USA, with all MAXbrite® Model 500 burners now inspected and assembled in Ohio. Collectors are calling it the finest burner produced in the last half century!

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Weight 1.5 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 6 in

Brass, Nickel Plated


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