W.T. Kirkman #850 “Wizard / D-Lite” LOC-NOB Globe

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Premium Grade Full Weight Globe with LOC-NOBs and W.T. Kirkman trademark. The “Loc-Nob” ears press under the guard wires to prevent the globe from slipping out when tipped back.

Also Fits Dietz #2 D-Lite and #90 D-Lite, W.T. Kirkman #2 Wizard and Dietz #2 Wizard, #2500 Jupiter, #2 Advance, and #2 Crown. Also fits V&O #90 Sportster, Embury Air Pilot, C.T. Ham Nu-Style, Paull’s Leader #2 Short Globe, E.T. Wright, Defiance No. 200, Prisco and Rayo #2 Short Globe Lanterns. Also fits Chalwyn Tempest Lanterns.

(Replaces the Embury No. 30 Globe for No. 2 “Nu-Style” Camlox, Windsor, Supreme, Defiance, and #2 Air Pilot Lanterns including those marked: Blue Grass, Elgin, Gamble’s Artisan, Ward’s Better, Shapleigh Diamond, Hercules, Mastercaft, and Van Camp.)

■ Dimensions: 
■ Height: 4 5/8″
■ Top: 4 1/16″
■ Bottom: 3 7/16″

Additional information

Weight .75 lbs
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 5 in
Globe Color

Red/Green Xmas 2 Globe Set, WTK Clear, WTK Solid Color Amber, WTK Solid Color Blue, WTK Solid Color Green, WTK Solid Color Red


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