W.T.Kirkman Premium Grade Lanterns

Brief History

Since the winter of ’84, W. T. Kirkman Lanterns has become the “Premier” tubular lantern manufacturer & distributor in North America, and now with the advent of the Internet we routinely ship orders worldwide. For those that are looking for the finest general purpose lanterns made, our Premium Grade Galvanized lanterns fit the bill. Features include heavy gauge all Galvanized Steel construction, improved burners with brass wick tubes, and full weight globes. While our Premium Grade lanterns are made under contract in China using a combination of original Dietz tooling and new W.T. Kirkman tooling, all of the accessories for these models, such as hooded reflectors, warming plates, and post adapters, are made here in California. Visit our W.T. Kirkman Heritage Series section if you are looking for items made or assembled in the U.S.A.

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