W.T. Kirkman #2 Champion Oil Lantern

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PLEASE NOTE:  With the ongoing global supply chain problems that the world is experiencing, it is very likely that we will not be able to restock the number 2 Champion lanterns anytime soon, if ever. We are working towards developing a new set of tooling to produce a second generation Champion here in the USA.  We will be pushing to have the new tooling ready for production sometime next year, most likely summer or later.



The W.T. Kirkman No. 2 Champion is our most Popular and Best Selling Oil Lantern, and features a full weight “Loc-Nob” Globe bearing our trademark, and the improved WTK #262 wing-lock burner with brass wick tube for superior performance and the highest wind resistance. The extra durable galvanized construction is well suited for the most demanding applications, and is especially appropriate where an historically accurate unpainted finish is needed, and are an excellent choice for off-grid and emergency stand-by lighting.

  Here is an outside review of the No. 2 Champion worth reading.

Here is a Video on the aspects of the #2 Champion.



  • 15″ Height, (Bail Up Height 20 1/2″)
  • Average 12-14 Candle Power, (Maximum 20 Candle Power at Sea Level.)
  • 7/8″ Wick
  • Improved Burner with Brass Wick Tube
  • 31 oz. Fount Capacity, 27 Hour Burning Time
  • Approx. Thermal Output: 1400 BTU per Hour
  • Operates on Average at 6 to 10 Cents per hour worth of fuel, (at $7 to $11 per gallon.)
  • Packed One Dozen per Case (Also Sold Individually)
  • Made in China using the original American Dietz Tooling
    Reflector Made in U.S.A.
  • Wicked and Ready to add Oil
  • Includes Handy Funnel for Oiling
  • Satisfaction Strictly Guaranteed

Additional information

Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 16 × 7 × 7 in

Black, Galvanized

Globe Color

Amber, Blue, Clear, Frosted, Green, Red

Hooded Reflector

No, Yes

9 reviews for W.T. Kirkman #2 Champion Oil Lantern

  1. Tim

    Great lanterns. Burn nicely and for a good long time. Customer service has always been fast and great. When I got mine a few years ago I bought extra parts, wick and globes, glad I did. Looks like the economy caught up with WT, these lanterns used to run about $25, not now. Get them while you can as I don’t think they’re made in the US. Times are coming that one might need another light and heat source. Don’t forget to get plenty of oil at your local haunts if you can. And, lastly, get more than one.

    • Madison Kirkman (verified owner)

      In years past, we have added free shipping, and costs in general have gone up, but it is still the Same Great Product! Thank You for Your Patronage! Best Regards, Madison Kirkman

  2. Maëlys (verified owner)

    Got this lamp last month, and have been loving it. I have it running right now. I enjoy light it makes and I love the globe and its thick glass. Getting it shipped to my home in Canada was a breeze; they use USPS which hands off to Canada Post – I could see where the package was at any time in Canada or the US with the tracking number. It’s a much better experience than having FedEx be the one to deliver.

    • Madison Kirkman (verified owner)

      Thank You Very Much for your comment, We are Glad to Produce a Product you enjoy.

  3. Marty Empringham (verified owner)

    Excellent customer service. Madison answered all my questions before I made the decision to purchase.

    I ordered a lamp, extra wicks and lamp oil. It was expertly packed. Shipping was very fast. I prepped the lamp for use and now I am enjoying the firelight of the lantern.

    I highly recommend W.T. Kirkman and their Premium #2 Champion Lantern.

    • Madison Kirkman (verified owner)

      I am glad to have been a help. I highly recommend the #2 Champion myself, as it is our most often ordered (and re-ordered) Lantern.

      We try to ship as fast as possible, and usual turn around is no more than 48 business hours. I Appreciate your Recommendation. It makes me proud as my family name is on your new lantern.

      Best Regards,
      Madison Kirkman

  4. Stephen Worden

    I live on a boat year-round. Winters are cold in Maryland. To supplement the electric cabin heater, I use the Kirkman #2 Champion and a Dietz #1 Little Wizard.

    The lanterns provide a very cheery ambience. I leave them on the deck in the main cabin, usually near each other. The warmth they provide is gentle, sustained, and inexpensive. I bought 5 gallons of #1 kerosene in November. I have about a gallon left.

    No — there’s no smell except when turning the flame down. So I do that by the cabin door, then set them on the sidedeck outside to extinguish themselves. As I’m preparing to sleep, I bring them back in.

    These lanterns are a joy.

    The Kirkman is clearly superior. The glass is twice as thick at the Dietz. I believe the wick is a bit larger as well, and so it produces a bit more heat than the Little Wizard. It’s constructed well. Not overbuilt, but solid and strong.

    I use these lanterns every day. On the weekends, I use them ALL day.

    I do very little maintenance. I only trimmed the wicks once or twice during the season. I’m careful to allow the units to warm, gradually raising the wick every few minutes until they reach full normal temperature. Then I adjust the wicks for max heat / brightness and just leave it alone!

    If I have a complaint, it’s the cap. The Little Wizard screws on easier, but this probably varies from one unit to the next.

    The overall build quality of the Kirkman is better than the Dietz, but remember — these are made to be sold in a mass market. These are not show pieces. They are functional, practical, efficient, useful tools. They do the job they are designed for … very well.

    The Champion has a locking tab on the globe. I suppose this is an advantage. I seldom need to wipe the globe, though. But remember, I’m more concerned with heat than light — you may prefer to clean more often.

    The Kirkman came very well packaged. Nevertheless, the shipper managed to damage the tubes. There was obvious damage to the parcel. I made one phone call and explained the problem to Kirkman. Within a week a replacement arrived in perfect condition. The customer service could not have been better.

    My overall experience with the Kirkman #2 Champion and Kirkman itself (as the vendor) is Five-Star. Thank you, KIRKMAN.

    • Madison Kirkman (verified owner)

      Thank You Very Much for you Comments.

      The Champion does have a 7/8″ wide wick compared to the 5/8″ wick of the Little Wizard. The Champion has 3 distinct improvements to the Dietz Lanterns, which include galvanized construction, Brass wick tube, and heavier weight globe that is blown by hand.

      The fuel cap is a bit tighter tolerance, and it is something we are looking to improve in the future.

      If you do notice an issue with smell when you turn it off, my solution is to go to a very low flame for a minute or two for the burner to cool over before you kill the flame. The burner being warm and producing fumes is what causes the smell.

      Best Regards,
      Madison Kirkman

  5. Marty Empringham (verified owner)

    Received my first #2 Campion on May 18th and was so impressed with the quality of the product and customer service that I received I ordered a second lantern which arrived today.

    Thanks again W.T. Kirkman for the excellent product and customer service.

    • Madison Kirkman (verified owner)

      Thank You Very Much for your Comments. We take Special Pride in our Premium Grade Line of Products. We are Glad you were Satisfied.

      Best Regards,
      Madison Kirkman

  6. Terry Kokosenski

    I got mine a few years ago and while it performs well with illumination, the bail (handle) is weak and bent; not so with my older Dietz from the 1990s.

    • Madison Kirkman (verified owner)

      Thank you for your Comments, We will discuss ways to improve the bail on these lanterns. I think you bring up a good point.
      I am glad you are satisfied with the Performance of the Champion, is it a Great Lantern Model.

      Best Regards,
      Madison Kirkman

  7. Tracy Fulkerson (verified owner)

    I purchased the #2 Champion and shade primarily to be a camping companion. I got tired of the hassle of white gas and eye blinding glare of the white gas lanterns. I was so impressed with everything about the #2 Champ that I ordered the Little Champ within a couple of days of using my #2 Champion. The quality and comfort of reliable “old school technology” is very soothing and relaxing for the mind and soul. (I still wind my watch!) I love the soft but effective light output of both these lanterns. They are now regular outdoor lamps for relaxing evenings on the porch with a fine cigar or the wife, rarely both at the same time! The orders were processed quickly and without any trouble. It felt like the folks really cared about the product. Thanks to all who made it happen.

  8. Michael Palmer (verified owner)

    All of the Kirkman lanterns are of the best quality, the Champion is no exception. Head and shoulders over other options in the market. What I really want to say is that the customer service of Lanternnet.com is among the best of retailers I have worked with. In my mind, service is what really matters most and you can have confidence that you will get the best there is here.

    • Madison Kirkman (verified owner)

      Mr. Palmer,

      Thank You Very Much for your Review, I do try my best to take care of our Customers.

      Best Regards,
      Madison Kirkman

  9. dmraci (verified owner)

    Had to order a Champion #2 in black instead of the plain galvanized finish as they were sold out. It was shipped with the wrong globe, a Dietz. They immediately corrected that, shipped out the correct one with nubs.

    But I got to tell you after using the DIetz globe it shipped with the black lantern it looks really good. I would not thought that.

    I still prefer the thicker old school original nub globe on my other galvanized finish lantern, more of that outside barn look, a tougher look, for general bang around use, fishing, etc, but for inside, for a outdoor table, maybe a post hanging, the black finish, that Dietz globe is the way to go.

    I use both lanterns to hang around my hammock at night, I can tell the difference from a distance when lit, maybe it’s a more German look with the Dietz. 🙂

    The Dietz globe goes well with the top reflector especially if you need to hang it over a table, or cooking area. Just has a different clean look to it, more inside cabin look.

    They should offer that Dietz globe as an option if you are like me, own more then one, kind of want to specialize the lantern.

    • Madison Kirkman (verified owner)

      Hello, Thank you for the comments. Glad we had that problem corrected. The Dietz Globes are lighter weight than the Kirkman Globes and is why we offer Kirkman Globes with our Premium Grade Line. Contrary to many peoples comments online, Dietz is not a German Company. They started as an American Company in 1840, and at one point was one of the oldest surviving companies in all of New York State.

      We often offer Dietz Lanterns with the Upgraded Globe, but we do not believe we should offer a down grade with our Premium Grade Line. I personally have dropped a Kirkman #851 globe from about 6′ onto concrete and it bounced twice without ever cracking or chipping. I am proud of our hand blown globes.

      Best Regards,
      Madison Kirkman

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