5/8″ Flat Wick (#1 Size, One Pair)

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One Pair. Fits: Dietz #0 Tubular, #1 & #30 Little Wizard, #10 Monarch, #20 Junior, & #40 Victor, and W.T. Kirkman No. 1 Little Champ and No.0 Tubular. Also fits: Embury Little Air Pilot and Little Supreme, C.T. Ham Gem and Clipper, Paull’s Leader Hot Blast Regal, and the Following Obsolete Dietz Models: A No.1, Acme, Beacon Dash, Bestov, Buckeye, Crown, Crystal, Eureka, Hy-Lo, Ideal, Iron Clad, King, Little Star, Mill, OK, Police, Protector, Queen, Racket, Roadster, Scout, Sport, Star, U.S., Victor


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