Dietz #76 Solid Brass “Original” Cold Blast Lantern

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  • 10 1/2″ Height, 4 3/4″ Base Diameter
  • Average 7 Candle Power, 1/2″ Wick
  • 8 oz. Fount Capacity, 11 Hour Burning Time
  • Wicked and ready to add oil

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Hooded Reflectors

None Solid Brass Hooded Reflector - Polished and Lacquered +$65.00

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This Polished and Lacquered Solid Brass version of “The Original” #76 Dietz lantern is perfect for use in areas with high humidity.  Popular for use near the beach or on a sailboat. Unique to the #76 lantern is the left handed globe lift. Features a rising cone burner for easy lighting.

The #76 Original Lantern comes Wicked and Ready for Oil. The Default globe that comes in this Lantern is the Dietz marked Clear Globe. The Dietz Marking can be removed with acetone. Other available colors such as Red, Green, and Amber can add meaning to your Lantern.

When used around the Railroad or Highway:

Red: Stop/Danger
Green: Proceed
Amber: Proceed at Reduced Speed, Prepare to Stop
Clear: Hand Signals

     More Information:

  • First Introduced in 1978
  • Apprx. Thermal Output: 900 BTU per Hour
  • Operates on Average at 3 to 5 Cents per hour worth of fuel, (at $7 to $11 per gallon.)
  • Packed Two Dozen per Case (Also Sold Individually)
  • Made in China on the original American Tooling

     Globe Options: 

  • Default #856 Dietz marked Clear Globe (Spun Glass)
  • #856 WTK Plain Solid Red Premium Grade Full Weight Globe (Spun Glass)
  • #856 WTK Plain Solid Green Premium Grade Full Weight Globe (Spun Glass)
  • #856 WTK Plain Solid Amber Premium Grade Full Weight Globe (Spun Glass)
  • Dimensions of Globe: Height: 3 3/8″, Top: 2 1/2″, Bottom: 2 3/8″

     Reflector Options: 

  • Solid Brass – Polished and Lacquered
  • These Hooded Reflectors are American made.

Additional information

Weight 1.25 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 4 × 4 in
Globe Color

Solid Amber, Clear, Solid Green, Solid Red


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