Dietz #80 Blizzard Cold Blast Lantern

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  • 15″ High, 7 3/4″ Base Diameter
  • Average 12-14 Candle Power, (Maximum 20), 7/8″ Wick
  • 31 oz. Fount Capacity, 27 Hour Burning Time
  • Wicked and ready to add oil

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Hooded Reflectors

None Galvanized Hooded Reflector +$45.00 Black painted Galvanized Hooded Reflector +$50.00 Solid Brass Hooded Reflector - Polished and Lacquered +$65.00 Solid Copper Hooded Reflector - Polished and Lacquered +$85.00

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The Dietz #2 Blizzard, now known as the #80 Blizzard, was originally billed as the “King of the Cold Blast Lanterns,” and was in fact one of the first Cold Blast Lanterns produced; being so, it takes the older style #852 Fitzall globe. This workhorse of a lantern is still used as a primary source of light in many parts of the world, and is still a real favorite here in the U.S.

The #80 Blizzard Lantern comes Wicked and Ready for Oil. The Default globe that comes in this Lantern is the Dietz marked Clear Globe. The Dietz Marking can be removed with acetone. Other available colors such as Red, Blue, Green, and Amber can add meaning to your Lantern.

When used around the Railroad or Highway:

Red: Stop/Danger
Blue: Do Not Move/Men at Work
Green: Proceed
Amber: Proceed at Reduced Speed, Prepare to Stop
Clear: Hand Signals

     More Information:

  • First Introduced in 1900
  • Apprx. Thermal Output: 1400 BTU per Hour
  • Operates on Average at 6 to 10 Cents per hour worth of fuel, (at $7 to $11 per gallon
  • Packed One Dozen per Case (Also Sold Individually)
  • Made in China on the original American Tooling

     Globe Options: 

  • Default #852 Dietz marked Clear Globe (Spun Glass)
  • #852 WTK Embossed Clear Premium Grade Full Weight Globe (Blown Glass)
  • #852 WTK Embossed Solid Red Premium Grade Full Weight Globe (Blown Glass)
  • #852 WTK Embossed Solid Sky Blue Premium Grade Full Weight Globe (Blown Glass)
  • #852 WTK Embossed Solid Green Premium Grade Full Weight Globe (Blown Glass)
  • #852 WTK Embossed Solid Amber Premium Grade Full Weight Globe (Blown Glass)
  • Dimensions of Globe: Height: 6 3/4″, Top: 2 13/16″, Bottom: 3 7/16″

     Reflector Options: 

  • Galvanized Steel
  • Galvanized Steel painted Satin Black
  • Solid Brass – Polished and Lacquered
  • Solid Copper – Polished and Lacquered
  • #80 Blizzard – 6 7/8″ across the inside of the ears, 12 1/4″ outside diameter.
  • These Hooded Reflectors are American made.

Additional information

Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 15 × 8 × 8 in

2 reviews for Dietz #80 Blizzard Cold Blast Lantern

  1. Dean Ripplestiltskin

    The lantern I got was stunning, the welds are great and the action smooth. The only reason I omitted one star is I feel, if you upgrade the globe to a different color you should also get the original globe. Where does that clear globe go? If I knew beforehand that I would not be getting both, I would have just ordered it separately just to have the option.

    • Madison Kirkman

      The Construction of the Dietz Lanterns is superior to any other lantern offered at Walmart etc. As for the globe, when you upgrade, it’s not an add on. The Clear globe is not put in the lantern if a green globe is ordered. Was there some verbiage on the website that made this confusing?

      Best Regards,
      Madison Kirkman

  2. denny1967 (verified owner)

    Just received my new lantern today have a very old dietz #2 lantern and this lantern puts out 3 times the light very my old one was made in the United States and the quality seems to be just as good on the new one very happy with it and would definitely recommend it. Thanks

    • Madison Kirkman

      The #80 Blizzard Lantern and most other Dietz Lanterns available today are still produced on the original tooling, thus they are built to the same quality as American Produced Lanterns.

      Best Regards,
      Madison Kirkman

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