W.T. Kirkman #500 Solid Brass Fuel Cap (9/16″)

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W.T. Kirkman Exclusive

9/16″ diameter machined solid brass one piece lantern fuel cap with 7/8″ diameter recessed top and knurled edge. Select the “24 T.P.I.” fine thread size for pre-1915 C.T. Ham, Dietz, Defiance, Embury (Windsor), Paull’s Leader, Prisco, and SG&L lanterns with 9/16″ dia. machined fuel spouts, (smooth outside.) Select the “18 T.P.I.” coarse thread size for post-1915 Dietz lanterns, and C.T. Ham Lanterns with with 9/16″ dia. stamped fuel spouts, (threads visible on outside.)

The Dietz King Fire Dep’t and Junior lanterns were made with both fine and coarse thread 9/16″ dia. caps. To verify which cap you need, note whether the spout is smooth or threaded/stamped on the outside. Smooth spouts use the 24 T.P.I. caps, stamped spouts use the 18 T.P.I. caps.

The Eclipse Fire Department Lantern uses the 3/4″ diameter top version with 24 T.P.I..

■ .885″ Dia. Top
■ Made in U.S.A.
■ Satisfaction Strictly Guaranteed!

Additional information

Weight .25 lbs
Dimensions .75 × .75 × .75 in

24 Threads per Inch (Solid Brass), 24 Threads per Inch (Nickel Plated), 18 Threads per Inch (Solid Brass), 24 Threads per Inch for Eclipse 3-4 Dia (Solid Brass), 24 Threads per Inch for Eclipse 3-4 Dia (Nickel Plated), 24 Threads per Inch SM w/ Gasket


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