Custom Built Masterpieces

At times, our customers approach us in search of specific lamps that haven’t been manufactured in decades, and sometimes even more than a century. They request us to replicate these unique pieces. One such project involves recreating one of the most exquisite railcar chandeliers ever featured in the old catalogs – the 2-arm and 4-arm Fleur-De-Lis Adams & Westlake Center Lamps.

Our current assignment entails crafting three of the 2-arm fixtures and one grand 4-arm chandelier for the rear Observation Room of a coach owned by the President of a prominent railroad company. This coach boasts exceptional trimmings, and these lamps were no exception. As we progress, I’ll share more photos of our work.

The initial step involves designing every component of these lamps and devising our production strategy. Subsequently, we’ll create masters for casting. Fortunately, resin 3-D printing will greatly assist us in this endeavor. Castable resin “waxes” eliminate the need for silicone molds, ensuring that the quality of these brass castings will be nearly perfect to the clean 3-D models we have produced.

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