Fire Department Lanterns & Parts

Below we have a gallery of Fire Dep't lanterns, Replacement Parts, and Globes, Most of which are exclusive to our line.  We also carry a brackets and bracket hardware for mounting to an engine.

Fire Department Lantern Two Color Globes

Both Lanterns shown above are built in our factory in San Diego County.  We use only Solid Brass Construction on both lanterns, along with C.N.C. machined parts and precision cast parts.  Constructed by one of our craftsmen using original methods of assembly, and finished by hand.  These lanterns are made to withstand the test of time, and handed down Generation to Generation.


Our Two-Color Globes are hand made in the U.S.A. of high-heat borosilicate glass.

The different globe colors have different meanings:

Globe is for General illumination.

All "Two-Color" Globes provide illumination and indicate the post of the user:

Amber over Clear was assigned to the "Assistant Foreman" or "Chief Hoseman"

Blue over Clear was assigned to the "Assistant Chief Engineer" or was used to indicate equipment used by a Volunteer Company.

Green over Clear was used be the "Foreman"

Red over Clear globes were used by the "Chief Engineer," or to mark hoses: "Danger Do Not Cross Hoses"


The same job of signaling could also be done with a colored Bulls-eye Lens and a Clear Globe.

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