W.T. Kirkman No. 350 “Little Giant” Cold Blast Lantern

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The W.T. Kirkman No. 350 Little Giant Lantern is our homage to the Dietz model of the same name first introduced in 1926, and the Embury #350 Little Supreme and Little Air Pilot lanterns, all of which used Little Wizard size globes. The #350 Little Giant features an original style globe guard, our exclusive WTK #201 Wing-Lock Burner, and a full weight pressed “Loc-Nob” globe bearing our trademark. The durable Bright Galvanized Steel version is highly rust resistant and reminiscent of the lanterns produced in the late 1800’s into the 1940’s.

Kevin D. from Cleveland, Ohio writes: “Very nice lantern! The W.T. Kirkman Little Giant I bought is wonderful and great quality. Good to see that these days. I will recommend this anytime I can. . . . . .”

■ Lantern Height: 12″
■ Height with Bail Up: 16 1/4″
■ Average 8 Candle Power
■ 5/8″ Wick
■ 31 oz. Fount Capacity, 40+ Hour Burning Time
■ Approx. Thermal Output: 1100 BTU per Hour
■ Operates on Average at 4 to 7 Cents per hour worth of fuel, (at $7 to $11 per gallon.)
■ Packed One Dozen per Case (Also Sold Individually)
■ Imported
■ Wicked and ready to add oil
■ Includes Handy Funnel for Oiling
■ Made in China using the original American Dietz Tooling
■ Satisfaction Strictly Guaranteed!

Additional information

Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 7 × 6 in

Black over Galvanized, Galvanized, Red over Galvanized

Globe Color

Clear, WTK Solid Color Amber, WTK Solid Color Blue, WTK Solid Color Green, WTK Solid Color Red

3 reviews for W.T. Kirkman No. 350 “Little Giant” Cold Blast Lantern

  1. Jace Vaughn (verified owner)

    My No. 350 is an absolute joy to use. I do have a small issue where my bail will get stuck in an upward angled position when laying it to either side. I thought it may have been the bail rubbing the finish a little bit, but it seems to be an internal issue where the bail mounts to the tubes. This is definitely not a deal breaker kind of a problem, I just have to give her a little bit of persuasion to lay down all the way.

    • Madison Kirkman

      I believe the bail sticking to an upright position is on purpose to allow you to pick it up more easily if set on the ground outside. This intentional ability of the lantern was achieved in many ways in the older lanterns including bails that were slightly spring loaded towards the upwards position.

      Thank You for your Feedback!

      Best Regards,
      Madison Kirkman

  2. supersonicmb (verified owner)

    I purchased two black Little Giants, both with amber globes as well as ordering separate clear globes.

    I love them. The tank is huge for a 5/8”wick. I have not had to refill it and I have used the lamp a little everyday for a month now. The bail does not slam down which I like because I can put it down and grab it again with my hands full.

    I have a difficult time removing the globe and can’t quite lift the top high enough to remove the globe without scraping the globe across the top. My husband can do it, but I can’t. I can get the globe out of the Champ 2 with no trouble but I can’t quite maneuver this one.

    If I make the wick too long, the Little Giant burns rich and makes soot more easily than the Champ 2 but it’s not a big deal. I just love it though. I especially like the Amber globe. It’s a little more dim but makes such a pretty warm light.


    • Madison Kirkman

      Thank You for the review. Any lantern with wick turned up too high will soot.

      The short globe lanterns which include the Little Giant, Little Wizard, Comet, Original, D-lite, and Air Pilot. These lanterns are harder to get the globes out of, and sometimes require pushing down on the globe and up on the chimney spring to get them out. Personally I like the taller globe lanterns myself, they are the older design and more elegant in opinion.

      Thank You Very Much,
      Madison Kirkman

  3. Richard Keistler (verified owner)

    I have several Dietz lanterns, which I enjoy, but I also enjoy owning the Little Champ–I’m someone waiting for the larger model to become available again. After buying the Little Champ, I chose this model over the Dietz Little Wizard because I thought it would be more substantial. It is. Of course, the much sturdier globe is a plus, but so is the fine workmanship on this lantern. As someone else has noted, the large fount is great; reminds me of my Dietz Jupiter. I find the lift mechanism and lighting is definitely easier than on my Feuerhand purchased here. Absolutely no leakage, absolutely no ‘rough edges’. I’ve impressed a few friends with these Kirkman products ’cause all they’ve seen is the cheap, flimsy Wal-Mart stuff. I live in an area where electricity can be dodgy and am so glad to have these. Frankly, I prefer the peaceful yellow flame of these over my ‘mantle’ lanterns. Looking forward to that new #1!

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