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We specialize in the custom construction of lamps, allowing us to accommodate unique requests. If you desire a lamp that has not previously been crafted by our team, we invite you to engage with us via phone or email. During our conversation, we will thoroughly explore the details and specifications of your envisioned Dream Lamp Fixture, ensuring its meticulous construction.


We possess a wide range of capabilities both internally and through established collaborations with trusted partners. Our diverse set of abilities include, but is not limited to, the following:

  1. Casting: We specialize in the casting of brass, bronze, and aluminum, utilizing techniques such as sand casting, lost wax casting, and lost 3-D printed resin casting for exceptionally intricate components.
  2. CNC Machining: Our CNC capabilities enable precise and automated machining processes to meet specific requirements.
  3. Traditional Machining: Alongside our CNC expertise, we offer traditional machining services, combining skilled craftsmanship with advanced machinery.
  4. Metal Spinning: We have the expertise to perform metal spinning, a specialized technique used in shaping many of our lamps and components, and is a more cost effective process than metal stamping.
  5. Metal Polishing: Our adept team handles in-house polishing for most products, including castings, metal spinnings, and even glass. They ensure meticulous attention to detail, delivering a superior finish.
  6. Metal Plating: With our expertise in metal plating, we provide customizable solutions to enhance the durability and aesthetics of your components.
  7. Painting and Powder Coating: We offer professional painting and powder coating services to provide a visually appealing and protective finish to your products.
  8. Custom Antique and Aged Finishes: Our artisans are skilled in creating custom antique and aged finishes, adding a distinctive and timeless character to your products.
  9. Custom Antiqued Plated Finishes: We specialize in creating custom antiqued plated finishes, combining classic elegance with modern manufacturing techniques. An example of this sort of finish would be the Japanned Copper finish famous in the Victorian Era.
  10. Custom Blown Glass: Our capabilities extend to the production of custom blown glass, allowing for the creation of intricate designs in a variety of colors. We excel in techniques such as etched designs and welded color designs, enabling the realization of complex glasswork.
  11. Original Manufacturing Methods: Alongside contemporary techniques, we retain knowledge of rare, skill-intensive manufacturing methods. This expertise meets unique challenges and satisfies diverse aesthetic preferences.

By leveraging our comprehensive capabilities and accumulated expertise, we ensure the highest quality and attention to detail in all our projects.


Presented above are a select few instances of bespoke products meticulously crafted for discerning clients.


Call 1-877-985-5267 or Email us at Sales@lanternnet.com


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