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Adrian van Kats from the Netherlands displays his collection of Bicycle lamps from around the world on his Dutch website:

Another Collection from the Netherlands belonging to Henk Kloosterman:

The late George Vandercook's Bulletin Board devoted to wick lanterns, mostly Highway Traffic (aka Utility) Lanterns at:

Darrell Collins's Lantern Markings Project:

The Railroadania Collectors Association, Inc. was founded in 1971, and covers all artifacts of railroading history:

The Key, Lock & Lantern Club offers information a picture gallery, survey info, and information on spotting fakes:

The Lantern Collector's Newsletter is a bi-monthly periodical full of good information:

The Lantern Collector Newsletter
Alan C. Love
PO Box 222
Cameron,TX 76520

Hans Werner has a comprehensive site dedicated to the lantern makers Fröhlich & Wolter (FROWO)
In German:


The Aladdin Knights web site is dedicated to both oil and electric Aladdin lamps:

Antique Lighting enthusiast David Broughton offers kerosene lamp catalog reprints at his Sirlampsalot website:

Stuart Driver of Australia has a great site offer Edward Miller Lamp parts and history:


Colonial Carriage Works features new and antique carriage lamps:

World Class Carriages has some beautiful new carriage lamps:

Coyaltix Carriage Lamps specializes in English carriage lamps:

The Luminary Shoppe specializes in top shelf carriage lamp restorations:

Veteran Auto Lamps offers reproduction brass motor car lamps and restoration services:

Brass Era Style Headlights are available through Speedway Motors:,43367.html


Den Haan Rotterdam Marine Oil Lamps are made from solid brass and copper:

Weems & Plath has an extensive selection of both oil and electric Marine Lamps and Lanterns:

A very classy web site with some of the nicest looking colonial style lanterns to be found, visit "The Nauset Lantern Shop" at:

Vermont Lanterns has the best pricing on high quality Nautical Lanterns:

Vintage marine lamp lenses are available from Elisha Webb & Son Co., Inc., located in Philadelphia since 1894


A great information resource on Mining Lamps and Lanterns of all types:

GR6S "Protector" Flame Safety Lamps, Service Kits, and History:

E. Thomas & Williams, Ltd. lamps have been in continuous production since 1860:


The highest quality oil lamps made today are available at:

Star Headlight & Lantern Company still offers battery powered railroad lanterns:

The Julian A. McDermott Company offers battery powered railroad lanterns as well:

Toledo Torch road flares are now made by Fisher-Barton Inc. (no website)
Call or write for information:
Fisher-Barton Inc.
100 Industrial Blvd
Fountain Inn, SC  29644

Here is a source for Oriental Paper Lanterns:


The Lamp Loft in England offers replacement parts for Aladdin, Bialaddin, Coleman, Hipolito, Magnalux,
Monitor, Optimus, Petromax, Primus, Radius, Tilley, Vapalux, etc.:

STUGA-CABAÑA is a great source in Germany for both replacement parts as well as complete lamps and lanterns:

Associated Kerosene & Oil Lamps is located in Braidwood, New South Wales, Australia, and offers new and old oil lamps,
and restoration parts and service:

E.S. Sorrensen in Denmark carries a nice selection of oil lamps and lanterns:


For the largest selection of new and old Coleman Lantern Replacement Parts,
visit the Old Coleman Parts E-Store:

Terry Marsh has assembled quite a website on Gas Pressure Lanterns, Lamps, Stoves and Irons:

Here is a site with information on pressure lamps, it includes brief histories on several manufacturers from around the world,
visit "Pressure Lamps Unlimited" at:

The Coleman Company website is located at:

Frank Bebb has revamped his website on vintage Coleman with lots of restoration info:


U.S. Standard Fuel Tank Sealer is a high-tech sealer impervious to all fuels, and perfect for resealing tubular kerosene lantern oil founts:

Homestead Finishing Products has dye concentrate for adding to lacquer to simulate Japan finish:

Dan Edminster has an extensive site appropriately named "The Lampworks" and has an ever changing selection of new old stock and antique items:

Paul Orton stocks an impressive assortment of replacement parts for Railroad Switch and Marker Lamps and Railroad lanterns:
Hermosa International Hobbies
P.O. Box 335
San Gabriel, CA  91778

Larry and Doris Krise specialize in replacement lenses and parts for restoring Railroad Switch and Marker Lamps and Railroad Lanterns:
24173 U.S. 12 East
Edwardsburg, MI  49112

Asheville-Schoonmaker Mica Co. has been producing mica (Isen Glass) for over 100 years:


Bruce Miessner offers inexpensive 12 volt garden lanterns:

Barn Light Electric Co. has a superb selection of warehouse shade type fixtures made in the U.S.A.:

Genie House specializes in hand crafted gas and electric lighting made in the USA:

Another good source for Early American Lighting fixtures is:

Handmade punched tin Colonial style lanterns:

S. Wilder & Co. reproduces authentic nautical lantern designs in Brass and Copper:

19th century style lighting proudly made in the United States of America:

Roc Corbett has a site that features original design electric lighting fixtures:

Alpha-Omega specializes in rustic western furnishings and electric lamps:

British Designed Glowstar solar powered lantern:


Famed metal artist La Vern Carroll has his own website with several picture galleries:

Very informative cross reference for various fuel oil names used worldwide:

Calcium Carbide for acetylene burning lamps is available from Karst Sports:

Real Goods and Jade Mountain have merged to create one super website featuring  renewable energy products:

A History of The Simmons Hardware Company:

Here's the link to the official Burning Man web-site:

This site features fire engine and police car beacon and siren sales and restorations:

 Unparalleled Custom Silhouette Metal Wall Art, Entry Gates, "L" Brackets, Ranch Signs, Etc.