Emergency Preparedness

Are You Prepared?

Are you looking for Emergency Lighting to use during a Power Outage or Natural Disaster?  Do you need a source of light or heat when electricity is unavailable?  We provide many solutions for these needs with our exclusive line of Premium Grade Galvanized Cold Blast Tubular Lanterns.  In addition to being made of heavier gauge Galvanized Steel, they feature improved burners with brass wick tubes, and full weight globes made of high-temp borosilcate glass, and all three operate on the "Cold Blast" principle for maximum light output and fuel efficiency.  Our lanterns have been used in Blizzards of -45 Degree Weather and 60 MPH wind without failing.  We can assure the quality of our Premium Grade Lanterns, and stand behind our entire line of products.  Your satisfaction is strictly guaranteed.

There are three lantern models in our Premium Grade Line:
The No. 1 Little Champ
The No. 2 Champion, and
The No. 350 Little Giant

If you are looking for the Most Amount of Light, the "Champion" is the best choice. With a 7/8" wide wick it can easily produce 12 to 14 Candle Power, and up to 20 C.P. at full brightness. The lantern has a 31 oz. fuel capacity, and can run for 27 hours per filling. Costs between 6 and 10 Cents per hour to use. This Lantern is available in Bright Galvanized or Black over Galvanized.


The Little Champ is great choice if space is an issue. Great for bug-out bags or for camping. This Lantern has a 5/8" Wick and produces 8 to 9 Candle Power. It is roughly 2/3rds the size of the Champion, and operates at 4-7 Cents per hour. This Lantern is also offered in Bright Galvanized, or Black over Galvanized.


The #350 Little Giant was first introduced in 1927, and was produced into the 1950's originally for use as a highway contractor lantern, These stout lanterns are made with a low center of gravity with a wide base and a large tank to minimize refilling this lantern. It will burn for 40+ hours per tank, and sports a 5/8" wick like the Little Champ. It also operates at the same efficiency as the Little Champ with an output of 8 to 9 Candle Power, and for 4 to 7 Cents per hour. Offered in Bright Galvanized, or Black or Red over Galvanized.

Globes & Accessories

Each of our Premium Grade Lanterns take a different size globe, however all three sizes are offered in the 4 basic colors: Red, Amber, Green and Blue. The Champion takes a #852 Globe, The Little Champ takes a #857, and the Little Giant takes a #851. We also offer Hooded Reflectors that redirect all of the light wasted upwards into a pool of light under the lantern. Great for use table, desk, or patio. We offer a Warming Plate that can be mounted to a #2 Champion to warm soup or coffee, and we offer all replacement parts for each lantern model in the case that over time something wears out. We offer the Burners, Burner cones, Bails (Handles,) Fuel Caps, Globes, and Wick.

If you wish to order a simple kit to get started, we have made just the thing: