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1. Rush orders should be placed by calling our toll free order line:  1-877-985-5267, or 1-760-789-2126 from outside the U.S.

2. We do not appraise items.  We do not sell or share customer information.  Lamp oil can only be shipped via UPS or FedEx Ground Service.  We do not ship lamp oil outside of the Lower 48 United States.

W.T.Kirkman Lanterns Updates & Articles

Archer & Pancoast Square Hand Lamp

By Madison Kirkman - July 21, 2023 -

Recently added to our Catalog, Our Replica of an Archer and Pancoast/Dietz Hand Square Lamp from the 1860’s. This Lamp uses our Solid Brass Convex burner with a 5/8″ Wick, and is built here in America. The Lantern is available in Aged Galvanized, Painted finished, Polished, Antique and Aged Brass as well! Colored and or etched glass panels are also Available!

Who knew an 1880’s Railcar Chandelier would fit so well?

By Madison Kirkman - May 26, 2023 -

A Customer ordered one of our Railroad Car Chandeliers… but for the first time, Not for a Railcar, but instead his Kitchen! He ordered a dual Oil/Electric Set up, so that he can use the lamp causally for kitchen light but so the lamp is also authentic and not just a facsimile. The Nickel Plated Finish was the obvious choice for the setting, and we think it looks GREAT!

The “Humboldt” Gas Wall Lamp

By Madison Kirkman - May 9, 2023 -

A New W.T. Kirkman Exclusive! The “Humboldt” Wall Lamp!

Built right here in Ramona, California, our New “Humboldt” Gas Lamp is a Gorgeous Addition to any Victorian or Edwardian Home. Available with a variety of shades, and accepts 4″ Gas Shades, the most common gas shade out there. We offer the lamp a-la-carte in case you have a shade of your own you’d like to use.

Mounts over a normal J Box, and is provided with the necessary mounting hardware. The Lamp is Solid Cast Brass Entirely, and custom finishes are available.


This product is made to order in our Southern California Facility, some production time will be required.

The “Elmira Coronado”

By Madison Kirkman - May 1, 2023 -

The “Elmira Coronado” is a new addition to our catalog, designed for Commercial use, Made entirely of Brass for oxide resilience, and features a Gorgeous Custom 6″ x 10″ Back Plate used only on this lamp.

New “Sky Blue” Globes in Stock!!!

By Madison Kirkman - April 8, 2022 -

W.T.Kirkman Lanterns is now offering for a limited time, Sky Blue Globes Available for a Wide Variety of Lanterns like:

WTK #2 Champion

Dietz #80 Blizzard

Dietz #10 Monarch

Dietz #2 Crescent

Dietz Hylo Lantern

Just to name a few…

WTK #1 Little Champ

Dietz #20 Junior

Just to name a few…

Dietz #999 Railroad Lantern

Adlake #150, #250, #300 Short Globe Railroad Lanterns

Dressell & Handlan Short Globe Railroad Lanterns

Just to name a few…

Dietz #6 Railroad Lantern

The Vintage Dietz #76 Green Lantern Combo Set

By Madison Kirkman - April 8, 2022 -

W.T. Kirkman Exclusive!

Vintage circa 1990 Dietz #76  Green Lantern Combo Set
with Solid Color Amber and Green Globes

This Special Combo Set includes one circa 1990’s Green Dietz #76 Original Oil Lantern with clear globe, one each spare amber and green globes, one 32oz Medallion Lamp Oil, one pair spare 1/2″ wick, and one handy funnel.   Limited to Vintage Stock!  The Original #76 Dietz lantern was first introduced in 1978, and closely resembles German made lanterns. Unique to the #76 lantern is the left handed globe lift. Features a rising cone burner for easy lighting.

■ 10 1/2″ Height, 4 3/4″ Base Diameter
■ Average 7 Candle Power, 1/2″ Wick
■ 8 oz. Fount Capacity, 11 Hour Burning Time
■ Approx.. Thermal Output: 900 BTU per Hour
■ Operates on Average at 3 to 5 Cents per hour worth of fuel, (at $7 to $11 per gallon.)
■ Wicked and ready to add oil


Introducing the #1876 “Foster” Victorian Hanging Lamp!

By Madison Kirkman - April 8, 2022 -

The Frame and Bowl are Cast Aluminum Finished in a Satin Black Enamel, with a Blown Glass Fount also usable as a table lamp or in our Cast Wall Lamp Brackets.

The Lamps are available in a variety of colors, Ruby Red, Amber, Emerald Green, Cobalt Blue, Opal, and Clear. Available with a Lotus Top Chimney or a Straight Top Chimney. More Chimneys available by Special Order.

The burner is a Solid Brass #2 Queen Anne with 7/8″ Wick, will burn for about 10 hours with the 12oz Fount, and will produce about 10 Candle Power.

Introducing the Feuerhand Transport Bag to the American Market!!!

By Madison Kirkman - March 22, 2022 -

W.T.Kirkman Lanterns is Proud to Introduce the Feuerhand Transport Bag to the American Market! This Fabric Case holds (1) Feuerhand #276 Lantern or Dietz #76 Lantern. Made of 100% Polyester and is Very Durable with a carry handle, Perfect for any Camping Trip. Why the Transport Bag is the ideal complement for your Feuerhand Baby Special:

Packed safely for transportation due to custom-fit, reinforced inlay

Stowed dry thanks to water-repellent ripstop fabric

Extra storage space inside the lid for spare wicks, matches and more

With the Feuerhand Transport Bag you can take your Baby Special 276 anywhere you feel, while being confident that it is well protected. Thanks to the reinforced inner walls your Hurricane Lantern will be in a stable position and always well packed. Thus, transporting your Feuerhand Hurricane Lantern becomes easier and safer… The Transport Bag is also ideal for stowing the Baby Special 276 and protecting it from moisture as the sturdy ripstop fabric is resistant to water and dirt. Please note that the lantern must always be emptied before transportation.


■ Expanded (11.5″ Tall, 6″ Wide, 6″ Depth

■ Folded up (6″ Wide, 11.5″ Long, 1.5″ Bulk)

■ 100% Polyester Construction

■ Made in Germany

Note: Transport Bag also Works well for the Dietz #76 Cold Blast Lantern.

Deluxe Emergency Feuerhand Lantern Set
Emergency Feuerhand Lantern Set

Handlan Clear #364 Globes are Back in Stock!

By Madison Kirkman - March 10, 2022 -

New Amber Glass for The “Original” and “Comet” Dietz Lanterns

By Madison Kirkman - January 11, 2022 -

Dietz #856 and #848 Globes are now Available in Solid Color Amber. The #856 Fits the Dietz “Original” #76, and “Mars” #78 Lanterns, Chalwyn “Tropic,” “Tropic Special,” and “Swallow” Models. The Dietz #848 Fits Comet Lanterns and other Similar sized Lanterns

New Old Stock #114 Adlake Burners!

By Madison Kirkman - November 22, 2021 -

Recently W.T.Kirkman Lanterns has found an antique stash of these Long Stem Railroad Lamp Burners in Solid Brass, likely made by either Adlake or Plume and Atwood. This 4″ Stem is usually found on marker or switch lamps with a sliding side door. We have already sold a dozen of these burners so purchase soon to guarantee availability.

Hotel Del Coronado’s New “Lafayette” Wall Lamp

By Madison Kirkman - November 17, 2021 -

First designed and built for San Diego’s Hotel Del Coronado, This is our new “Lafayette” Lamp. This Solid Brass Square Lamp entirely formed and assembled in America. This lamp is primarily built for electric use and can be U.L. or C.E. Listed (by request.) Made of 24 Gauge Brass Sheet, and Soldered Construction, this lamp is built to last, as the Hotel Del Coronado is next to the Ocean. A steel version of this lamp is also available.

New Production Palomar Oil Lamp

By Madison Kirkman - November 9, 2021 -

We already hinted at the production of a new Glass Lamp a while back, our New “Palomar” Oil Lamp! Shown with a burner provided by the customer.

W. T. Kirkman Exclusive! The “Palomar” Oil Lamp

By Madison Kirkman - November 8, 2021 -

The Newest American Made Oil Lamp!

Glass Components Blown in Ohio!

All Solid Brass Components!

These beautiful and stately lamps are available in two heights, 20″ and 22″ Tall, the #95 and #97 Lamps respectively.

The hand-blown founts and bases are available in Cobalt Blue, White Opal, Ruby Red, Vaseline, Optic Vaseline, and Optic Amethyst.

You can specify the finish of the solid brass components: Polished Brass; Antique Patina Brass; And Nickle Plated Brass.

Other Finishes Available Upon Request.

Each Lamp weighs approximately 4lbs each, without oil.

These lamps are of such quality, they will someday be Heirlooms worthy of being handed down through the generations.


Strictly Limited to Inventory in Stock

Lamps ordered before November 16th. will be available for Christmas Delivery. (The Palomar Series Lamps are Built to Order and Availability is dependent on the Limited Production of components.)

General Information:

1. Rush orders should be placed by calling our toll free order line:  1-877-985-5267, or 1-760-789-2126 from outside the U.S.

2. We do not appraise items.  We do not sell or share customer information.  Lamp oil can only be shipped via UPS or FedEx Ground Service.  We do not ship lamp oil outside of the Lower 48 United States.

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